SEO Trends Creating Impact in 2013

There have been several updates made by Google in its ranking system. The most important and recent updates being, Panda and Penguin. Panda is basically an update that reduces the ranking of low quality websites. These websites may not necessarily be spam but they are a low value addition for viewers, used plagiarized content or sites which are generally not useful. On the other hand it improves the ranking of sites which have original content like research, in depth reports, useful analysis etc. Penguin was launched on April 24, 2012. Penguin is basically a change in the algorithms that targets webspam. It will target those websites which are violating the existing quality guidelines provided by Google. This update spells trouble for the websites which use black hat SEO tactics like keyword stuffing, and even less obvious tactics. 


These recent updates have given rise to certain SEO trends in 2013:

Humanized ranking – Link exchanging, low quality content farms and keyword stuffing are now no more acceptable. SEO in the year 2013 will more humanized and will rely more on humanized ranking. Google will start using social media in order to use human relevancy and will give more real time search.

Mobile searches – As the searches are growing because Google and other search engines will start accepting mobile searches as more and more people are transitioning from 3G to 4G technology. You should make sure that your websites and blogs are updated for compatibility with mobile searches.

Domain Authority – The main way to measure domain authority is the readership. Quality traffic and a large number of links will keep your website in high ranking regardless of the updates that the search engines come up with.

Link Building – Google has decided to place more emphasis on link building. In fact link building will become even more important than on page SEO in the year 2013. Link exchanging and other under hand tactics will be penalized by the search engines. Only natural links and quality SEO Link building will be appreciated.

CRO – In 2013 the SEO is going to depend more on conversion rate rather than the amount of traffic. This is a good part of the update, because many websites get good ranking due to other factors but do not show conversions. It makes sense that a website selling good products to a particular niche should get better ranking.

Voice searching – Google will soon start using voice search as an important factor for SEO. These searches will be possible through tablets and mobile devices. This means that there will be a lot of activity in the world of keyword research.

Quality vs. Quantity – SEO in this year will be focused completely on the quality of content, links and website design. Google will also be removing links that look spam. This allows webmasters the ability to shut down a link to their website if they don’t like it. Hence the days of using black hat link building techniques are over.

The SEO trends in 2013 will be focused more on quality of websites and the other factors related to them. At the same time, SEO will become more difficult and competitive in the coming year.

The different SEO trends in the coming year are going to be more humanized and personalized. At the same time, the focus will be on quality rather than quantity of factors involved in websites.

Developing an iPhone application: A start-up guide

Inevitable Tips for Improving Sales


If you have an idea for an iPhone application and want to convert it into a physical product, a little research and knowledge about latest technology is a must. An online tutorial for app development can be a good option to sharpen your development tricks. There are many books and audio-video tutorial available online, from which you can learn a lot about the latest developments in the field and how it will help you in creating unique apps that the market is yet to experience. However, don’t select any random iPhone application development guide. Make a list of reputed authors and buy books that start from scratch to advanced level.

Here are a few tips for proper and advantageous start of iPhone app development:

Market Research

  1. Decide your target audiences – The foremost factor before starting the development process is to know your target audience. If you aren’t focused to whom you…

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Power of Magento Customization

Magento is an open source eCommerce solution offering vendors with a cutting-edge software platform to track their online business transaction with enhanced degree of control and flexibility. The most prominent objective of Magento customization is to allow online merchants control the content, design and functionalities of their eCommerce sites leveraging wide array of features. Of late, this robust and custom shopping cart solution has earned a niche for itself in the IT sector facilitating its manifold features.




Benefits and Features of Magento Customization

Magento web development offers a gamut of services including Magento theme customization for eCommerce sites and template designing. These days, small IT companies with limited resources often opt for deploying expert and experienced Magento professionals to execute various tasks including theme designing, integration of payment gateway, eCommerce platform customization and host of others.

Custom Magento Development services are instrumental in delivering a great range of developments on shopping cart platform. Some of these services include integration of Magento with Turkish Payment Gateway, customization of category, product, services and gallery images, integration of single step checkout facility, layered navigation driven by Ajax etc.
This platform is packed with multi language and multiple currency support. It allows the admin to develop multiple store and easily organize and handle them from admin panel. It offers a powerful interface and great functionality for reporting.

Magento customization is equipped with all the features to stimulate eCommerce ventures. This new age shopping cart has contributed immensely to ensure seamless functioning of online business and maintenance of web stores by making it customer-friendly and up-to-date.

How Developing a Content Marketing Strategy ?

Content marketing is a concept of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of disclosing content in order to grab customers. The basic idea of content marketing is to provide some valuable information to the customers. Content seeks to influence your customers positively in some way. Content marketing can be done through variety of Medias like news, videos, ebooks, Q&As, photos, social media, newsletter, articles etc.

Apart from traditional link building, businesses must have new objectives and resolutions to find greater success in 2013. Informative content makes customer’s experience positive with your company reflecting a good impression of your business. In this post-Penguin world, the only conclusion arrived in the minds of SEOs for better marketing strategy is the content marketing strategy. By understanding the power of content, you can attract the right kind of attention for your brand. Content helps buyers in making his decision.

Content Marketing Strategy

Joe pulizzi-one of the popular authors defines content marketing as:

“How a brand creates, delivers and governs original or curate content to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand as a credible expert and, ultimately, motivating a change in behavior”

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy is a blend of five aspects: editorial, marketing, SEO, social networks and PR. Content marketing strategy is an act of managing content as an asset to achieve marketing goals of reaching, converting and engaging targeting audience. All you need is to plan for how your content marketing can support your goals. Our marketing strategy guides you to set your mind for strong content marketing strategy.


You must define your strategic goals and then measure it accordingly. If you want to improve website traffic, measure the success of your content by evaluating different platforms like news, videos, ebooks, Q&As, photos, social media, newsletter, articles etc.


Video content crosses global IP networks each month. Video becomes the most influential content type on the internet. With lots of visual media on the web, you should take advantage of the latest marketing trend to engage your audience.


You need to think about your audience rather than your customers. You have to act like a publisher to make your marketing strategy more effective and efficient. Define your targeted audience before starting marketing campaign. Try to find out what kind of content attracts most of people. You need to strategize content that will convert your readers into your customers.You need to choose the best content writing services for converting your readers into your customers.


Research shows that more than 40% of internet users want customer service through social networks like twitter, facebook etc. By creating custom tweets, facebook posts and other social updates, you can attract your customers. As well as customer feedbacks also strengthen bonds with an active consumer base.


If your content engages readers they will share it via their social networking accounts as a recommendation. And everybody is an influencer today.


From the research it is clear that 44%of the businesses do not measure the ROI generated from content. All you need is to evaluate metrics to track success for content marketing strategy.


Content marketing should be firmly relied on branding metrics like awareness, perception and favorability in the right direction. Your brand terms like your brand name, products names etc label in a unique way only when your content is unique. Unique content helps to create unique brand. That all you need is to have professional content writing services to promote your brand with panache.

Choose The Best Content Writing Services and Enjoy The Benefits

content writing


With the growing usage of internet and its services, it is almost a necessity today to have a website. Having a website gives the business a good online presence. It is a good publicity tool and a better ground for providing information to the customers. But it is important to ask yourselves, what makes a good website? Is it the design, layout or the graphics incorporated in the website? The answer is none of the above. It is the content of the website that makes a good website and attracts customers. Content also makes the customer come back to your website again and again.

But it is not an easy task to fill the website with quality content that is informative. Not everybody has the skill to come up with creative content with good language. Some do not have the time to write the content. This is where content writing services can help you. For a very small amount you can hire content writers who create quality articles for your website or blog. The content writers have a good command over the language and are good at researching. They spend most of the time in researching and a very small amount of time in writing. So you can be sure that your articles are thoroughly researched and extremely rich in quality.

Another area where good quality content can help you is Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. SEO content writing services can help you in having a good and relevant content in your website which can help the search engines find you easily. This in turn helps the customers find you easily when they search for a relevant service. So the important parameter in any content is keywords. Good placement and density of keywords helps bring your website out of the invisible web and into the visible bright side.

Also with the introduction of the feature called Page Rank by Google, it is important that your website is at the top. A good content writer will help you to achieve this. They are aware of the strategies that make your website optimized for search engine results and at the same time they can create content that can captivate the customers. So the task you have in hand now is to find a company providing good content writing services. There are numerous companies offering content writing today and so you will not have any difficulty in finding one.

A good website is a money generator. So do not be budget conscious, if you want your website to be unique then hire a good writer for your content writing services. Think of it as a small investment that is sure to generate you big returns by attracting customers to your business and make content a partner in your business. So it is the right composition of design and content of the website that makes your website user friendly and search engine friendly. This in turn can increase lot of visitors to your website and convert them into prospective customers in future.


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